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Conceiving Kwyzer

We, Filipinos loves to celebrate every occasion in our lives. It may be a birthday, wedding, anniversary, baptism, surprise party, fiesta, or anything that calls for a toast!

We really love being around with people and celebrate with them, it’s in our blood. The happiness of hosting a party where you can invite your family, friends or even a friend of a friend which you haven’t even met yet, is very promising.

Above all, we’re very excited of the preparation stage. Yes, the preparation is very exciting yet very stressful right? Right. For you to have a successful event you have to find the best caterers, entertainers, photographers etc... and it’s really hard to source these service providers because you are only limited to referrals from a friend, or a shop near your vicinity. Yeah yeah, we know your dilemma.

The Birth

This problem gave birth to Kwyzer, your digital partner in times of need, a friend you can trust when it comes to finding the best event providers and finding gigs.

Kwyzer provides a platform that aims to help event service providers expand their market nationwide, and to help customers freely find service providers that could give them the service they really want.

Kwyzer provides a website that is very user friendly where you can easily browse for any kinds of events service you want where rates and availability on your screen instantly. We are composed of passionate individuals who understand your needs, so worry no more because Kwyzer’s got you.

Running Ads

To keep our service and platform FREE for clients and event providers, we run ads on some of our pages. We make sure that those ads will not affect the performance and user experience on our site.

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Kwyzer Project Timeline

March-April 2019

Planning and Conceptualization of Kwyzer

May-October 2019

Developing and designing the Kwyzer website

November 2019-February 2020

Signing up of Event Service Provider

Developing and testing of the Kwyzer website

Initial marketing of Kwyzer

March-April 2020

Go Live

Focus on Kwyzer marketing

Expanding internet presence. Different social media postings.

Initial design and development of Event Service Provder App (IOS, Android)

May-July 2020

Finishing of app development and testing

Implement more marketing strategies

August 2020

Launch of IOS and Android App