Best Mother's Day Gift Ideas in the Philippines

"A mother's love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity, it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path. "-- Agatha Christie

March 02, 2021

Of all the different occasions we celebrate every year, Mother's Day is one of the best and important. This day is invented because we want to give thanks to the greatest gift this life has to offer, our Mothers.

We wouldn't be here if not because of them, basically there will be no life in this world if not because of mothers.

So on Mother's Day, take time to celebrate with your Nanay's, Mommy's, Nanangs, Ma'ma, Lola, Lolita. Give them the best day of their life because they really deserve it.

Kwyzer provides you a list of Mother's Day gift ideas you can give to your mother, you can easily buy them in any stores anywhere in the Philippines.

Mothers know best, and they definitely deserve the best gift.



Sometimes, our moms don't want to splurge themselves into buying unneccesary items like bags; for them its luxury, they want to secure first the well-being of her family before her own. This Mother's Day, make your mom have something she really eagers to buy, give this gift to her and she will surely love it.



Who doesn't love a new pair of shoes? Not your mom, she will surely love this. Give this gift to her so she can wear something new in her next travel.



Nothing beats the feeling of cooking in a new set of kitchenwares! This is also one of the perfect gift for your mom. She will definitely use it everyday.

New Home Appliances


Aside from the new set of kitchenwares, its best also if you give your mom some new appliances. She can finally change the old appliances in your house :)



If you want to give your mom something classy, you'll never go wrong with a pair of earrings as a gift. Give this to your mom and she will surely take good care of it, you'll notice that she will only wear those on important occassions.

Salon and Spa Treatment


Being a mom is a very legendary job, there's no end to this job. Ackowledge the hardships and sacrifices of your mom to you. Book her a spa or salon treatment this valentines day.

Cash :D


As they say, money makes the world go round. Let your mom decide for something she wants,  give her cash instead of specific gift, let her do the shopping!

New Cellphone


All expense-paid travel to her dream destination




These gifts are not only for Mother's Day, you can also give these to them on their birthdays, or as Christmas Gift.

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