Top Wedding Gift Ideas in the Philippines

Weddings are one of the most important event to every bride and grooms in the Philippines. This event requires months or years of planning to make it memorable for the couple. As a friend, relative or invitee, surely you want to give the newly wedded couple that perfect gift; don't you worry, Kwyzer is here to help :)

January 10, 2021

We, Filipinos value relationship, companionship and above all building a family. That's why weddings are very important to us, couples spent months or years of planning just to make it one for the books and memorable. As one of the visitors of that wedding, you want to give them the perfect gift; a gift that would not only benefit the bride but also the groom, a gift that would display your love and excitement for the happy couple.

Here's a list of top wedding gift ideas you can easily buy in any malls or online shops in the Philippines.

Rice Cooker


Every newly wedded couples needs something to start, something that would build a foundation in their homes; appliances are one of them. We, Filipinos loves rice and you can't go wrong with RICE COOKER as a wedding gift. They will eventually buy one of that and giving this before they start their life as husband and wife will surely make them happy coz it will crossed out one of their "to buy" agenda. You can easily buy this gift in any malls or store in the Philippines. 

Microwave Oven


Microwave Oven is also of the best gift for newlyweds, especially if both of them are working in the hustle of city where everything is rush. You can also buy this gift in any appliance stores in the Philippines. Having a microwave oven will save them a lot of time time to reheat their excess food or the ones they already prepared for the whole day meal. If you're on a budget, there are microwave ovens with quality but cheap.

Bed Sheets


Who doesn't love a new and clean bed sheets? NO ONE. Filipinos are one of the most hygienic humans in the universe, we really love changing sleeping sheets once or twice a week that's why newlyweds will surely love this as a gift. Give them a kind of bed sheet that they wouldn't want to leave their beds ;)



In Japan, giving towels to someone as a gift means "you want to protect them". In the Philippines, giving towels as a gift is very common, its a type of gift you usually recieves in any occasions especially Christmas, but everytime you received it you still feel satisfied right? Because  its very useful, you use it everyday, every time you take a bath, every time you wash your hands.

You will not regret giving this gift to your newly wedded friends, they will surely love it but to make it more meaningful, put a japanese phrase in the wedding gift card that says "We're always here for you, to protect and love you".

Picture Frame


We take pictures to capture the best moments of our lives,to look at something we want to remember the rest of our lives. Giving a picture frame as gift to the newlyweds is also a great idea. You will know if they like it if you see the picture frame hanging in their walls on your next visit :). You can buy picture frames anywhere in the Philippines, its cheap and easy to buy.

Photo Album


Aside from a picture frame you can also double your gift by giving them a photo album. Filipinos loves to be remembered, so If you really want to make your newly wed friend think of you everytime he/she feels nostalgic, give him/her a picture frame with a photo album.

Couple Mugs


Drinking coffee, tea, cocoa or any other beverage is one of the daily habits of Filipinos, and giving mugs as gift maybe common but one of the best wedding gift idea. For the newlyweds, couple mugs is perfect, its sweet, and it brought a message that says ,"Hey let's drink a coffee together. whatever problems we might be facing, we'll gonna face it together". You can make it unique through customization.

Here's also a quick list of wedding gift ideas you should consider. You can buy any of these in any stores in the Philippines

  • Parenting Book
  • Wallet/Purse
  • Toiletries 
  • Moisturizer/Lotion
  • House Tools
  • Couple Sleepwear
  • Indoor Slippers
  • Gift Check (Appliance, Food, Online Shops)
  • Coffee Maker
  • Kitchen Sets
  • Spa Appointment
  • Garden Tools
  • Tableware
  • Kettle
  • Pillows
  • Condiments Container
  • Books about home and cooking tips
  • Perfume for bride and groom
  • Cellphone Sanitizer
  • Couple Bracelet
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